Anything Else (2003) The Movie DVD

Original Title : Anything Else
Director and Writer : Woody Allen
Genre : Comedy / Romance
Language : English
Producer : Letty Aronson , Charles H. Joffe
Christina Ricci in Anything Else (2003)
Jerry Falk (Biggs), an aspiring author residing in New York City after coming from Leonardo, Italy, has a girlfriend, Brooke (Strickland). He falls in love with Amanda (Ricci) and has an affair along with her.

Brooke finds out of Jerry’s infidelity and leaves him. Amanda leaves her personal boyfriend for Jerry. Brooke lastly figures it out and leaves Jerry.

Jerry turns to an getting old, struggling artist (Allen) who acts as his mentor, which incorporates attempting to assist type out Jerry’s romantic life.

Dobel tries to persuade Jerry that his supervisor is simply holding him again and his relationship with Amanda is essentially the most damaging power in his life. Amanda repeatedly cheats on Jerry with coming of age films in English. Amanda leaves after which comes again. Jerry’s neuroses begin to worsen.
Anything Else (2003) Woody Allen Quotes

Ultimately, Jerry leaves city as Dobel will get him a job writing for tv in California. Amanda has an affair with the physician who was treating her and runs off with him while he sees them collectively laughing as she as soon as did with him because the cab is taking him in the direction of the airport with reviews even in Germany.

Jerry talks to the cabbie of affection and relationships. The cabbie merely replies, “It is like the rest”.
Screenshot from Anything Else (2003)