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    This is a short film about a boy on vacation who becomes enamored with the father of another kid on the beach likely because the man does lots of fun things with his daughter while the boy’s parents are pretty stiff and leave him on his own a lot. Before the man and his family leave the beach, the boy secretly makes off with a memento…

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    Quite an odd film about a boy who seems able to see elements of the future and because of that ability, is sucked into a bizarre secret organization that ostensibly protects humanity – but are they? The protagonist is a boy only during the first part of the film.

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    Fun short film with a very quiet, very wide-eyed boy who seems to be secretly very taken with his step-sister(?) and also happens to be really into Star Wars. Its an interesting mix.

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    This is my third order from DVDBay and I’m very happy with the quality of the products I have received. I like the way the web site is arranged, with not only descriptions, but with several frames from each of the movies. That really gives one a good feel for what the movie will be like. Alas, some of the movies have no descriptions or no frames so unless you’re familiar with the title, you don’t know what it’s about – also, many of the English reviews (which are highly useful when the movie description is terse) appear to have been run through google translate. That is, the words are all English, yet the meaning of the sentence is a puzzle. Also, it may not be obvious if a foreign film has English subtitles or not.

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