Are You Hungry? 2019



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Are You Hungry? 2019
Onko sulla nälkä? (original title)
12min | Short, Comedy | January 2020 (USA)
Storyline:An overprotective mother’s assumptions about her son’s needs and desires lead to a cascading series of calamities.User review:In Teemu Niukkanen and Antti Toivonen’s short film, Are You Hungry?, a single mother stresses about how to broach the subject with her adopted teenage son about whether or not he is gay. The short opens as she’s sitting in the taxi, that she drives, going over the opening line of her “you can talk to me about anything” speech. While practicing images of nightclubs, naked butts, and round food items flash in her mind.As her son jumps in her cab, he ignores her (like most teens) and is short and abrupt with his answers to her questions like, “are you going to get a job this summer?” or “do you have any ‘friends’?” At home, she tells him how much she likes his rainbow t-shirt. He must be gay…clearly.Taking matters into her own hands, mom decides to sign her son up on a gay dating app and sets up a date pretending to be him. Indeed, nothing can go wrong…right?
Are You Hungry? is a sweet LGBT-themed comedy of parenting and acceptance. More sweet than comedic, Niukkanen and Toivonen’s short gets right to the point and draws us in immediately to the plight of their protagonist. We connect with her misguided love, and the consequences of her meddling get worse and worse. If you are looking for a light comedy or a parent wondering that…maybe…your… Are You Hungry? is worth a watch.
Director: Teemu Niukkanen
Writer: Antti Toivonen
Stars: Pirjo Lonka, Matvei German, Tommi Korpela
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Release Date: January 2020 (USA)
Also Known As: Avez-Vous Faim?
IMDB Profile tt10341088

Are You Hungry? (2019)

Are You Hungry? 2019 1


Are You Hungry?

Director: Teemu Niukkanen

Writers: Antti Toivonen

Stars: Pirjo Lonka, Matvei German, Tommi Korpela

Summary: An overprotective mother's assumptions about her son's needs and desires lead to a cascading series of calamities.

Also known as: Onko sulla nälkä? on DVD

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