Doors Cut Down 2000



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Doors Cut Down 2000
En malas compañías (original title)
18min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 17 June 2000 (USA)
Storyline:A school boy hangs around a mall in order to pick up older men and have sex in the public toilets. When his English tutor teaches him anal sex he is opened up to new experiences despite being caught by his disapproving father. When he meets a 18 year old he goes to the toilets only to be caught by security and charged. Despite his parent’s disapproval he finds this makes him dedicated to one relationship but the sexual anonymity of the toilets is a constant lure for him.User review:This short starts out interesting – the boy is an interesting character and at first you want to find out more about what makes him tick. However the story quite moves into several scenes of sweaty men having sex in a shopping mall toilets. These scenes are totally unnecessary and don’t add value to the character. I thought that the story was going to be a message film, however this film portrays homosexuals as highly promiscuous, lacking morals and unable to commit to a relationship. In fact the film’s conclusion is that the homosexual character, even when he is happily in a relationship, still likes to pick up men in toilets and have sex with them.I don’t understand the point of the film – if I didn’t know better I’d think I’d think the film was designed to reinforce gay stereotypes. The teenager is actually very good in the lead role, it’s just a shame that it turns out that he hasn’t got a character to speak of.This film starts well but quickly degenerates into slightly erotic gay cinema. The story that starts full of promise turns out to be hollow and full of insulting stereotypes about young gay men.
Director: Antonio Hens
Writer: Antonio Hens
Stars: Israel Rodríguez, Pablo Puyol, Antonio Álamo
Country of origin: Spain
Language: Spanish
Also known as: En malas compañías
Filming locations: Madrid, Spain
IMDB Profile tt0291887

Doors Cut Down (2000)

Doors Cut Down 2000 7


Doors Cut Down

Director: Antonio Hens

Writers: Antonio Hens

Stars: Israel Rodríguez, Pablo Puyol, Antonio Álamo

Summary: The sexual adventures of 16-year old Guillermo who's become somewhat of an expert at cruising the gay guys at his local shopping mall.

Also known as: En malas compañías on DVD

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