Kde padají hvezdy 1996



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Kde padají hvezdy 1996
25m | Family | 1996 (Czech Republic)Plot:In this series about a sanatorium for children with respiratory diseases, the children play a dominant role. For example, Sandra, a successful gymnast, in the focus of systematic preparation for her sports, but currently has a leg in plaster. Another hero is Lojza, a sympathetic boy who is already in the sanatorium for the third time. He found a real girlfriend in Kristýna, the niece of the chief doctor who lives with her parents in Switzerland.We see the children from the recording examination to the farewell ceremony of the sanatorium. They have collected new power, met real friends and to take many important insights for life.
Director: Jan Hrebejk
Writer: Markéta Zinnerová
Stars: Jitka Asterová, Svatopluk Benes, Anna Budínská
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Language: Czech
Also known as: Where Stars Fall
IMDB Profile tt0287859

Kde padají hvezdy (1996)

Kde padají hvezdy 1996 7


Kde padají hvezdy



Stars: Miroslava Plestilová, Magdalena Reifová, Alena Vránová


Also known as: Kde padají hvezdy (1996) on DVD

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