Ocaso 2014



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Ocaso 2014
17m | Short, Drama, Romance | 2014
Storyline:Jonas, a 14 year old teenager, takes a walk by the river that runs by his house. His friend Marina shadows him. They meet, spend the afternoon together, and as the daylight fades, so does their innocence.
Director: Emiio Belin
Writer: Emiio Belin
Stars: Sofía Heredia, Sebastian Ceja
Country of origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish
IMDB Profile tt3742930

Ocaso (2014)

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Director: Emiio Belin

Writers: Emiio Belin

Stars: Sebastian Ceja, Sofía Heredia

Summary: One afternoon, Jonas & Marina will take a walk through the forest. They face the end of their innocence meanwhile the day ends.

Also known as: Ocaso (2014) on DVD

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