Rope and Boys 1987 with English Subtitles

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Rope and Boys 1987
Nawa to otoko-tachi (original title)
1h | Drama | 1987 (Japan)


Yuji is an university student living with his older brother. When he runs into an old acquaintance on the street, the two begin an affair and Yuji ends up getting drawn into the world of S&M clubs, where men put up elaborate and decadent shows for their customers.

User review:

Usually I like my pinku films for the unexpected arty flourishes, this one just works for being straightforward nasty sexploitation. I’m pretty sure the sequel to this is the other pink film riff on Cruising besides Hunters’ Sense of Touch.

Director: Shxc3xbbji Kataoka
Writer: Akira Yoneda
Stars: Shxc3xb4shi Koga, Takashi Tsugawa, Kyxc3xb4ko Hashimoto
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 1987 (Japan)
Also Known As: Rope and Boys

2 reviews for Rope and Boys 1987 with English Subtitles

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