So Long, Paris! 2019



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So Long, Paris! 2019
19min | Short, Comedy | 15 March 2020 (France)
Storyline:12-year-old Lucy can’t accept her parents have divorced. Holidays are ending. Just before Lucy is to leave Paris, she puts off returning to London at her mum’s, and grills her dad about whether he has found a new relationship. As darkness falls, Lucy gets a piece of news that upsets her so that she runs away from her dad’s. She wanders in the city. Takes risks. And finally faces reality.
Director: Charles Dudoignon-Valade
Writer: Charles Dudoignon-Valade
Stars: Salomé Dudoignon-Valade, Ève Dudoignon-Valade, Bonnie Grandière Bourgoin
Country of origin: France
Language: French
Filming locations: Paris, France
IMDB Profile tt11958608

So long, Paris! (2020)

So Long, Paris! 2019 7


So long, Paris!

Director: Charles Dudoignon-Valade

Writers: Charles Dudoignon-Valade

Stars: Lucy Pouchoulin, Arthur Igual, Gaël Kamilindi

Summary: A bittersweet comedy about how a fanciful and rebellious preteen ends up accepting her parents' divorce.

Also known as: So long, Paris! (2020) on DVD

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