The Rain Stories 2016

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The Rain Stories 2016
117min | Drama | Feb 18 2016 (Thailand)


The latest movie from Nichaphoom Chaianan, the indie writer-director of gay romance “My Bromance”.
It’s an anthology of unconventional high-school love stories. They involve a disabled girl falling for the hottest boy in school, a boy who is about to meet his father for the first time becoming embroiled in a relationship with his best friend, and another boy who is considering entering the gay sex trade in order to repay his gambling debts.

User review:

The story of the rainy season, secret love failed, get love, lose love! The movie is three same-sex stories.
1. Disabled fat boy fall in love with ordinary boy. Most people will go to pity and fat people. The same is true for men and men, but the really is that compassion is not equal to love.
2. Abandoning the man’s father childhood but found that his father is a transgender, and finally with a good friend, perhaps because of the terrible blow to the man decided to love the same-sex
3. The lack of love of gold master and the greed of selling men, the two people are not the same thing, so in the end, there will not be the same ending.

The ending of the three stories are all raining, telling the various mood of the rainy days.

Native Title: xe0xb9x80xe0xb8xa1xe0xb8xb7xe0xb9x88xe0xb8xadxe0xb8x9dxe0xb8x99xe0xb8xabxe0xb8xa2xe0xb8x94xe0xb8xa5xe0xb8x87xe0xb8x9axe0xb8x99xe0xb8xabxe0xb8xb1xe0xb8xa7
Also Known As: Meur Fon Yod Long Bon Hua
Director: Nicchi Nitchapoom Chaianun

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