A Boy and Sungreen 2018 with English Subtitles

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A Boy and Sungreen 2018
1h 39min | Drama | 29 May 2019 (South Korea)


Bo Hee, a 14 year old boy, was raised by a single mother and has always thought his father had passed away. Bo Hee hears that his father may be alive, and he sets out in search for him with his best friend Nok Yang (Sungreen). He finds his half sister on the way and forms a friendship with her boyfriend.

User review:

A Boy And Sungreen is not only a film about a boy searching for his father, but Bo-hee is also searching for his role in life. Not only does he have a traditionally female name, but his mannerisms and actions are more petite, withdrawn and feminine in their nature. His best female friend is accused of being more masculine than him, and indeed they play a swap in stereotypical gender roles. These gender dynamics cause friction both at school and home, leading to some turbulent moments in the movie when Bo-hee lashes out at those around him in confusion and anger at being misunderstood. Itxe2x80x99s these elements of searching for a sense of self that lend the biggest emotional moments to the film, as itxe2x80x99s easy for audiences to relate with finding who you are and your place in life.

A Boy And Sungreen is one of the cutest, gentlest movies Ixe2x80x99ve seen in a long while. The young lead actors are the standouts in the movie, but itxe2x80x99s the journey for their place in life that really holds out true as the best part of this film.

Director: Ahn Ju Young
Stars: Hyun-woo Seo, Dong-mi Shin, Ji-ho Ahn
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 29 May 2019 (South Korea)

2 reviews for A Boy and Sungreen 2018 with English Subtitles

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