A Different Kind of War 1996



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A Different Kind of War 1996
Milhama A’Heret (originl title)
14min | Short, Drama, War | 2004 (Israel)
Storyline:How does one find dignity and self worth in a world of war? In 2000, when the El Aqsa intifada begins, Palestinians from Beit Jala routinely fire on the Gilo neighborhood of southern Jerusalem. Young teen boys, Zahi and his friends, climb to the top of the wall separating Giol from Beit Jala, and shout taunts at the Arabs who in turn take pot shots at the boys. Zahi’s younger brother is Noni, a boy who would rather put on his mother’s makeup than play the soldier. Against the backdrop of the last days of the school year and a school play that the Prime Minister will attend in which Noni has been cast as King David, Zahi forces Noni to climb the wall. Is death at hand?
Director: Nadav Gal
Writer: Nadav Gal
Stars: Hillel Cappon, Simon Amini, Beatrice Hal-Rich
Country of origin: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Also known as: A Different War
Filming locations: Jerusalem, Israel
IMDB Profile tt0409896

Milhama A'Heret (2004)

A Different Kind of War 1996 7


Milhama A'Heret

Director: Nadav Gal

Writers: Nadav Gal

Stars: Hillel Cappon, Simon Amini, Beatrice Hal-Rich

Summary: Although Nuni has been selected to play the lead (King David) in his Jerusalem grade school play, he'd secretly rather play the princess role instead.

Also known as: Milhama A'Heret (2004) on DVD

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