Partizánok 2016



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Partizánok 2016
Short, Drama, Family | 4 November 2016 (Hungary)
Storyline:The film tells the story of a childhood friendship, in the autumn of 1959, in Budapest. Jancsika and Feri are nine years old, their lives are tied together by common events: when Feri protects his weaker friend when he wins the glass balls, but the bigger ones get lost from him, and the pranks they do together when they peek into the girl’s locker room and the coach embarrasses them in front of the girls, or loud partisan, annoying the housewife every day. They have no idea what a dangerous terrain their friendship will be born in.One day, under the command of Feri’s father, Jancsika’s father, who was a participant in the fifty-six events, was arrested and abducted. A house search finds the perforated national flag, which at the time was enough for the death penalty.
Director: Szonja Szabó
Stars: Vencel Illés, Géza Szili, Róbert Marton
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian
Release Date: 4 November 2016 (Hungary)
IMDB Profile tt6118072

Partizánok (2016)

Partizánok 2016 15



Director: Szonja Szabó


Stars: Vencel Illés, Géza Szili, Róbert Marton

Summary: The film tells the story of a friendship between Jancsika and Feri, and how their lives are intertwined by common events, and the pranks they commit together or the loud partisanship with which they annoy the housekeeper daily.

Also known as: Partizánok (2016) on DVD

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