Adam 2018



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Adam 2018
1h 12min | Drama | 22 February 2018 (Germany)


A young man faces a life and death decision when his deathbed-ridden mother wishes him to help her die.

User review:

That of Adam ( Magnus Mariuson , brothers / enemies ) Monotone turns around the same stuff. Bag noodle soup, bathing and sex. In the action-rich moments, the staging ventures to combinations of the three existential factors: bag noodle soup in the bathtub. Eating sex fantasies after the bag noodle soup. In fact, the square plastic packets with dry noodles plus spice mix appear as the only cinematic motif constantly, so inevitably the question arises: Was there an advertising deal? As a commercial, the loose sequence of hollow snapshots would make more sense than as a youth film, there would not be the coarse amateur images. Any visual significance or basic cinematic quality goes completely from the handheld camera. Indifferently, Solrun picksDetails from the Berlin cityscape, without placing them in a dramaturgical context.

But were not there serious issues? Indeed! Euthanasia, suicide, parental responsibility, and vice versa, the question of the responsibility of adult children for their parents, first contact with unknown father, own father role, suicide, irreversible brain damage. Last are not the result of Solrun’s work, but meet Adam’s mother Gabriele ( Floriane Daniel , women!) after years of addiction (possibly after soup, but more likely after alcohol and drugs). However, the direct social and personal consequences of the diagnosis for Adam are never addressed. Problems are raised – the apartment was terminated, his mother wants to die, but he needs his help, he has neither work nor money – and never worked out. A believable suffering is never noticeable in the protagonist. Only with the audience.

Director: Maria Solrun
Stars: Ivar Asgeirsson, Hans Brückner, Floriane Daniel
Country: Germany | Iceland | Mexico | USA
Language: German | English
Release Date: 22 February 2018

Adam 2018 13
Adam (2018)

N/A|Drama|01 Feb 2018


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