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India, Norway, Brazil and the United States provide the settings for this globe-trotting collection of top gay-themed shorts in the fifth installment of the best-selling series. Featured are Soman Chainani’s “Kali Ma,” Daniel Ribeiro’s “You Me & Him (Café Com Leite),” Dave Snyder’s “yeah no definitely,” Lisa Marie Gamlem’s “Benny’s Gym,” Jeff Warden’s “Secrets” and Magnus Mork’s “Flatmates.”

Included on this DVD:

Boys Briefs 5 – Benny’s Gym
Boys Briefs 5 – Flatmates
Boys Briefs 5 – Kali Ma
Boys Briefs 5 – Secrets
Boys Briefs 5 – Yeah No Definately
Mr Right 22


Cast: Vincent Piazza, Brendan Bradley, Kamini Khanna
Director: Lisa Marie Gamlem, Soman Chainani, Jeff Warden

Bennys Gym (2007) DVD


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