Cal 2013

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Cal 2013
1h 29min | Drama | 21 February 2013 (UK)


Cal returns to Britain after receiving news that his mother is ill in hospital. His finds that his home city is like many across Europe and the world, it’s facing hard economic times and fallout from the global economic crisis, rioting and looting almost a nightly occurrence as youth unemployment inexorably rises. His Auntie Jane, who has taken up residence in their run down council house, dulls her stagnation with welfare funded booze and disturbing attempts to sexually gratify herself by trying to seduce him. Navigating his way across this new landscape he meets a young student who needs his helps. However his act of kindness brings him into contact with a lawless drug dealing pimp and a race against time to make peace with his mother and get out of town as quickly as possible.

User review:

Dark and disturbing .. yes … but wonderfully told and acted.

A simple enough story of lower class people trying to survive in todays world only to find that their skills aren’t needed. And without the ‘right connections’ you are constantly struggling just to keep up with daily needs.

Cal wants to change his path but he’s stuck in an economic system that ignores throw away people. Bad thing are sure to happen! Everyone in this flick gives an excellent performance and the dialog is spot on with the characters. It’s a shame this sort of film is so often overlooked.

If you can find it watch it …

Director: Christian Martin
Writer: Christian Martin
Stars: Wayne Virgo, Tom Payne, Emily Corcoran

Cal 2013 11
Cal (2013)

89 min|Drama|24 May 2013

5.6Rating: 5.6 / 10 from 326 users
Cal returns home to a city torn apart by rioting and rising youth unemployment and a mother dying in hospital.

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