Chaleurs 1987



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Chaleurs 1987
91min | Adult | 1987
Storyline:A young tourist suffering from heatstroke in the desert soon discovers legendary Arabian hospitality as portayed by Cadinot.A young tourist runs out of fuel in the Sahara Desert and sets out in search of help. At the nearest oasis, two tourists are enjoying the legendary Arabian hospitality with their guide. His hands tell them everything they need to know about his intentions as they slide under their shorts. The youngsters are experiencing the local specialities! Back in the desert, the tourist is suffering from heat stroke. A young shepherd finds him, lying still. He takes him to his tent and lies him down on the bed, thinking how much he likes this little blond stranger. He has to fight off his two cousins to protect the young man who lies still, unaware of their lust. Thanks to his saviour’s loving care, he recovers quite quickly. A quick letter home and his brother – equally blond – arrives. A sturdy camel merchant with ebony skin exchanges his wares for the roundest part of the brother’s body. When he arrives at the oasis, he finds himself alone with the two cousins. He cunningly swaps his clothes for theirs by showing them his adorable pink bottom, ending up pinned down like a butterfly. But it’s time to go home. To thank the man who saved him, the brothers take him home with them to a warm welcome; all their friends are there in honour of the survivor! All the couples are reunited, except the young shepherd. His prot’g? is shagging in the cellar. Sadly, he leaves the house where his dreams fall apart.User review:Cadinot’s follow-up to his film “Harem,” “Chaleurs” continues with the Arabic theme, this time taking place in the exotic desert, complete with camels, tents, (and one very excited donkey.) A boy traveling from his home in Germany to Tunisia becomes lost in the burning desert when his car breaks down. Luckily he is discovered by a young shepherd while guiding his sheep and goats back home. The Arab boy takes an immediate liking to the mysterious stranger and takes him to his hut to recover. Of course, in classic Cadinot style, the unconscious white boy is gang raped by the boy’s two older brothers, while he is out getting water! Jealousy and the shepherd’s protective nature over his new friend lead to violence and later, some very sweet and believable romance. When the German boy is well enough he writes a letter to his friend back home, who gets on the next plane, and later the nearest camel, (after paying the guide with sex.) Later the two Germans return to their homeland, and bring with them the shepherd boy and another older Arab, who they treat like objects and laugh at with their wealthy friends. As far as adult films go, there are few that pay so much attention to details. Everything is top-notch here, including the cinematography, the traditional music, the lighting etc. J.D. Cadinot was known to include a fun and engaging storyline in his erotic films, and “Chaleurs” is no exception. Like many of his films, this one contains a few unexpected moments of violence, and the sex scenes are sometimes laced with a mean-spirited edge, but it is all part of the fantasy, and this director apparently understood that there can be no light without darkness. Even the films conclusion, which easily could have had a happy resolution, ends on a cynical note. If you want to see an adult film where you can care about the characters, love some and despise others, and hope for a happy resolution for the good guy, “Chaleurs” is the film to see. This is an even more ambitious work than “Harem,” which is a hardcore masterpiece in it’s own right. It’s worth tracking down…
Director: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Writer: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Stars: Kevin Ardton, Alain Aubert, Hans Brückner
Country of origin: France
Language: French
Also known as: Sex Oasis
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