City After Dark 1980

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City After Dark 1980
2h 30min | Drama | 28 November 1980 (Philippines)


The hidden nightlife of ordinary people living in Manila unveils. Lovers and families’ conflicts are radically pitted against each other as they live in the night streets rampant with drugs and prostitution. The outstanding narrative explicitly unravels the various characters and episodes. This landmark film of Ishmael Bernal depicts the darkness of city life so vividly that it was once prohibited to use the word ‘Manila’ on its title.

User review:

I consider this as the BEST FILIPINO FILM ever produced. It tackled the lives of various people from different walks of life in a city full of beauty in the daytime but decadence at night. Touched virtually all possible issues prevalent during those times, from drug addiction, prostitution, homosexuality, and so forth. I lived in Manila for the first 24 years of my life and this film excellently portrayed the city. Real. Raw. Spectacular.

All of the actors delivered their parts impeccably. The direction by the great late Ishmael Bernal was nothing short of brilliant. This was regarded to be by critics as the best film he has ever directed (although he has directed other note-worthy films, such as Aunor’s Himala, but he’s best known for this marvelous flick). This cinematic masterpiece was also ranked in top ten lists as one of the best Filipino films ever created. Exceptional film-making!

Director: Ishmael Bernal
Writer: Ishmael Bernal (story and screenplay)
Stars: Charito Solis, Alma Moreno, Lorna Tolentino
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 28 November 1980 (Philippines)
Also Known As: Manila by Night

1 review for City After Dark 1980

  1. Gerard (verified owner)

    Raw movie of the exploitation and corrupted society in the Phillipines.

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