Daughters of Darkness 1975

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Daughters of Darkness 1975
1h 2min | Adult, Horror


A young man moves into a cheap boarding house in San Francisco that turns out to be a front for an oversexed cult of lascivious Satanists.

User review:

A man thinks he’s gotten lucky by finding a cheap room to rent. Not only is the rent cheap but the house contains some beautiful women. The only downside is that they’re into Satan and soon they’re trying to turn the man on to their cult.

DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS isn’t to be confused with the 1971 film of the same name. Obviously this here was the type of adult entertainment that would play 42nd Street around 5am and it features a bunch of people who probably went to New York to become actors, didn’t make it and they needed money. There’s nothing awful here but at the same time it’s a pretty bland movie. There are some really campy moments including some “fuck me” chants by a woman who has a tattoo of Satan above her private areas (think Asia Argento’s angel tattoo). If you’re a fan of these low-budget trashy films from the 1970’s then this one is worth watching but just don’t expect too much.

Stars: Helen Madigan, Joey Silvera

Daughters of Darkness 1975 9
Daughters of Darkness (1975)

62 min|Adult, Horror|N/A

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    Good 70’s porn movie. Starts with an unbelievable lesbo-scene shot in close-ups bigger then I ever saw. The young guy shown on the pictures on this site, is not credited, despite his good work.

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