Di4ri s01 e05-08 (2022)



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Di4ri s01 e05-08 (2022)
52m | Family | 18 May 2022 (Italy)
Storyline:Each episode is told from the point of view of one of the eight protagonists, who becomes the narrator and offers the spectators a sort of personal diary with his gaze on the events of the class: the children will speak directly to the spectator showing their feelings without filters. In this way, from one episode to another, the stories of Pietro, Livia, Isabel, Daniele, Monica, Giulio, Mirko and Arianna intertwine in a choral story capable of restoring the different facets of the life of pre-adolescents: it is the story of a delicate age in which the individualities of children blossom and at the same time their group identity grows.Interpreters :
Andrea Arru (Pietro)
Flavia Leoni (Livia)
Sofia Nicolini (Isabel)
Biagio Venditti (Daniele)
Liam Nicolosi (Giulio)
Federica Franzellitti (Monica)
Francesca La Cava (Arianna)
Pietro Sparvoli (Mirko)
Fortunato Cerlino (janitor Paolo)
Larissa IapichinoCountry of origin: Italy
Language: Italian
Also known as: DI4RIESEpisode 05
IMDB Profile tt21084124

Episode #1.8 (2022)

Di4ri s01 e05-08 (2022) 7


Episode #1.8

Director: Alessandro Celli

Writers: Mariano Di Nardo, Simona Ercolani, Angelo Pastore

Stars: Andrea Arru, Flavia Leone, Biagio Venditti

Summary: There is an air of love and despair when Daniele makes a new meeting and a bad joke breaks Monica's heart. Time to take revenge.

Also known as: Episode #1.8 (2022) on DVD

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