Djarn Djarns 2005



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Djarn Djarns 2005
26min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 31 October 2005 (USA)
Storyline:Eleven-year-old Frankie Dollar is the leader of the Djarn Djarns, a group that performs traditional Aboriginal dances. There’s always plenty going on at the cultural centre where the dancers often perform and they seem to be very much in demand on this particular day. But Frankie’s really in the doldrums because one year ago to the day, his father died. Now he needs his friends more than ever.User review:The Djarn Djarns is the story of a young Aboriginal boy who, in the course of one day, negotiates grief and friendship, loyalty and betrayal. Hunter Page-Lochard, who plays the lead role of Frankie, manages this challenging mix of emotions with charm and strength.Frankie’s journey is set against contrasting worlds: the razzle-dazzle showbiz of the Dreamtime Centre where Frankie is a traditional dancer – or djarn djarn – and the dark domestic history of the death of Frankie’s father, the absence of his mother and Frankie’s subsequent sexual abuse by his mother’s white boyfriend.The link between these worlds in Frankie’s life is the love of his fellow djarn djarns. It is that mateship between boys that makes The Djarn Djarns, despite its difficult dramatic terrain, a hopeful film that is, by turns, poignant, disturbing, satirical and funny.
Director: Wayne Blair
Writer: Wayne Blair
Stars: Hunter Page-Lochard, Blake Herczeg, Ben Maza
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 31 October 2005 (USA)
IMDB Profile tt0453651

The Djarn Djarns (2005)

Djarn Djarns 2005 15


The Djarn Djarns

Director: Wayne Blair

Writers: Wayne Blair

Stars: Hunter Page-Lochard, Blake Herczeg, Ben Maza

Summary: The Djarn Djarns is the story of a friendship between four young men. The responsibility they feel for their culture and the love of a young boy has for his father.

Also known as: The Djarn Djarns (2005) on DVD

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