EL Hombre Del Saco-The Bogeyman 2002



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EL Hombre Del Saco-The Bogeyman 2002
21min | Mystery, Short


After witnessing the traumatic murder of his mother, June moved to live with his father and new stepmother to a small remote village in the city. Every night, the bogeyman lurks their dreams and plunges you into a world of nightmares that are mixed with reality

Director: Miguel Ángel Vivas
Writers: Angela Armero Biadiu (as Ángela Armero), Miguel Ángel Vivas
Stars: Rafael Arranz, Íñigo Garcés, Isabel Gálvez
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Also Known As: The Bogeyman

EL Hombre Del Saco-The Bogeyman 2002 8
The Bogeyman (2002)

21 min|Mystery, Short|N/A

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