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Grinder 2016
1h 26min | Drama, Thriller | 11 May 2018 (UK)
Storyline:Protagonist/Main character 16 year old uses Grinder app to seek men to escape abusive father and start a new lifetyle. Eventually finding a “model agency” whose owner is an abusive pedophile whom abuses and rapes the boys ages 16-18, remains the antagonist with constant rapings, manipulations, and physical abuse that the protagonist thinks is ok to live with (since he has no other place to stay). Another character, a photographer for the agency, is seen as a character who cheats on his fiance to escape his straight life sexuality. He tries falling in love with protagonist 16 year old and falls short to head agency abuser claiming that the 16 year old is his to himself. A journey of a 16 year old homosexual male finding out that what seems to be a model agency is just a pedophile running a porn magazine company for minors. The disgust and realizations that enlighten the industry of pornography is revealed in an enticing way in this film. Slow and artsy, this story awakens the horrors …User review:Like so many versions of this same story, this is yet another retelling of the “innocent kid gets lost in the big city world of sex for pay”. The original aspect to this is that we also see the character of Tim (also the writer/director…surprise!), a closeted photographer who gets jobs photographing young boys, supposedly to convince himself that he is just doing it for money. While this actually COULD have been an extremely intelligent and moving story, it falls back on far too many cliches, namely 1-dimensional villains (abusive father, “hot” pimp, clueless girlfriend) which deliver far too many predictable face-palm moments. Like too many gay-themed films, there is an over-reliance on extremely-long close-ups, body-shots (including the periform lead taking a shower…repeatedly). The montage and “cute kid” mugging for the camera for extremely long periods of time just don’t add anything to this film other than boredom. Congrats to the creator, Brian, for not having body issues and literally putting it all out there, but this really needed a professional script-reader and director to give it an original look/feel overall– but in its current form it just looks like a soft-porn after-school special warning against porn.
Director: Brandon Ruckdashel
Writer: Brandon Ruckdashel
Stars: Jon Fleming, Tyler Austin, Brandon Ruckdashel
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 11 May 2018 (UK)
Also Known As: Fleischwolf
IMDB Profile tt3436572

Grinder (2016)

Grinder 2016 1



Director: Brandon Ruckdashel

Writers: Brandon Ruckdashel

Stars: Jon Fleming, Tyler Austin, Brandon Ruckdashel

Summary: A teen model gets lured into New York City by an model agent to discover nothing is as it seems.

Also known as: Grinder (2016) on DVD

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