Hemmungslos 2009



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Hemmungslos 2009
Infidèles (original title)
1h 38min | Adult, Drama | 25 October 2009 (Germany)


Claude Pérès invited an actor to make love with him. They do not know each other. They do not know whether they like each other. They do not know what will happen. They meet in a flat. They are alone. For one night. For more privacy, Claude Pérès will record images and sound. There is no contract, no obligation. They remain free to say and to do whatever they want. They can stop anytime.

User review:

10 is for Marcel Schlutt who is naked throughout and utterly wonderful to behold. The film is pure Warhol in concept and really misses the mark pretty much although ultimately saved simply by the presence of Schlutt who is a chunk if there ever was one. In fact I went through my DVDs and discovered I have two other Schlutt films, Locked Up and Alex and Leo which I will be watching shortly since I am doing a mini-film festival with my best bud, something we are having an absolute blast doing. Of course, with IMDb as an instant resource at our fingertips the festival has sufficient ground to keep everything and everyone afloat. One thing my bud and I agreed on is that the title Unfaithful is never explained.

Director: Claude Pérès
Writer: Claude Pérès
Stars: Claude Pérès, Marcel Schlutt
Country: France
Language: English
Release Date: 25 October 2009 (Germany)
Also Known As: Hemmungslos
Subtitle: Germany

Hemmungslos 2009 9
Unfaithful (2009)

98 min|Adult, Drama|25 Oct 2009

3.9Rating: 3.9 / 10 from 183 users
Claude Pérès pushes actor/director relationship to its breaking point by asking an actor to make love with him.


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