Kolonidrenge 1936

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Kolonidrenge 1936
14min | Documentary | 1936 (Denmark)


At the holiday colony Sxc3xa6bystrand in Sxc3xa6by under the Copenhagen Municipal Teachers’ Association you follow the boys in daily life. You see them playing football, in the dormitory, in the evening and morning toilets, by hoisting the flag when building branch cabins and at dinner time. There is also time for Native American games and a trip to the beach.

Instructor: Kaj Wedell Pape, Svend Holbxc3xa6k
Screenplay: Kaj Wedell Pape, Svend Holbxc3xa6k
Photographer: Kaj Wedell Pape, Svend Holbxc3xa6k

4 reviews for Kolonidrenge 1936

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    Good film

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