Lost In Expression 2015



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Lost In Expression 2015
21min | Short, Drama, Romance


After discovering his boyfriend’s infidelity, a stoic fraternity president attempts to suppress his emotions by getting wild at his fraternity’s party. As the night goes on, unexpected events and repressed childhood memories force him to face his erupting emotions and the decision between saving his collapsed relationship or letting it disintegrate into nothing.

User review:

it could be defined as correct. a love story in the cage of memories about past, the fear to not leave difficult experience, the error of the boyfriend and a party as only reasonable solution to the crisis. a correct leader of a fraternity and the answer so expected. the good point is the science of story to not be victim of clichés. the basic virtue – the performance of Casey Mills and the art of director to not transform everything in pathetic story about a gay love story. so, a correct film. it sounds not real encouraging but, in this case, it is the right word for define a surprising good film.

Director: Bruno Rose
Writer: Bruno Rose
Stars: Tony Choufani, Ari Cifuentes, Julia Dent
Country: USA
Language: English

Lost In Expression 2015 9
Lost in Expression (2015)

21 min|Short, Drama, Romance|N/A

Struggling with his boyfriend's infidelity, a stoic fraternity brother must confront repressed feelings on the night of his fraternity's party.


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