Love Will Tear Us Apart 2013



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Love Will Tear Us Apart 2013
1h 26min | Romance | June 2013 (USA)


Genevieve and Adrian, two young artists living in San Francisco, become disillusioned with romance after their respective relationships end. The friends undergo a change of lifestyle, and direct their attentions to the chic and superficial. Genevieve begins rehearsing for a play, and Adrian writes his first novel. They individually meet Max, a charming young man who brings color into their synthetic world. The friends begin dating Max, keeping their affairs a secret from one another. Max’s liberal approach to love becomes a welcome and powerful new force in their separate lives. When Genevieve and Adrian discover they have been seduced by the same man, their friendship with one another as well as their relationships with Max come under question. As Max continues to promise them his affections, the three attempt to let go of their ideals and form a triangle. But as Genevieve and Adrian attempt to share their prize in a ‘ménage à trois,’ the foundation of their friendship begins to crumble all together.

Director: Azure Valencia
Writer: Azure Valencia
Stars: Kaleigh Macchio, August Roads, Azure Valencia

Love Will Tear Us Apart 2013 9
Love Will Tear Us Apart (2013)

86 min|Romance|01 Jun 2013

5.5Rating: 5.5 / 10 from 42 users
Genevieve and Adrian, two young friends, are individually seduced by the same young man. As the love triangle develops, the boundaries of their friendship come into question.


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