More Than Only 2017

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More Than Only 2017
Not Rated | 1h 47min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | April 2017 (USA)
Storyline:A college age gay man discovers how to love himself and accept love from others, despite the disapproval of his father, and tacit disapproval of his mother, who does nothing to counter his father’s overt homophobia. In reaction to being raised by hateful parents, he regularly engages in self harming activities. After one particularly harmful stunt, he ends up in the hospital emergency room, where he meets a sweet male nurse.User review:I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon this magnificent film! I have seen my fair share of gay films but this takes the gay as one if there best out there as well as being very original and not falling into the cliche films I had come to expect from what I typically see. The main characters were greatly portrayed by amazing actors in very unique roles that made me want to invest not only my time by my heart into them. The film is low budget but does not look it what so everWhich is another great feat that I was not expecting and was pleased to see. Props to the writer and director for crafting a great story which has now become one of my absolute favorites (I watched it twice in one day). I only wish this was available on DVD. I look forward to seeing more from the cast and director.
Director: Michelle Leigh
Writer: Michelle Leigh
Stars: Jonathan Daniel Miles, Bjorn Anderson, Beth Dodge
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: April 2017 (USA)
Also Known As: More Than Only
Filming Locations: Oregon, USA
IMDB Profile tt7390114

More Than Only (2017)

More Than Only 2017 1


More Than Only

Director: Michelle Leigh

Writers: Michelle Leigh

Stars: Jonathan Daniel Miles, Bjorn Anderson, Beth Dodge

Summary: A young gay man finds how to love himself and accept love from another, despite his father's disapproval.

Also known as: More Than Only (2017) on DVD

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  1. Allen Donahue (verified owner)

    I wish that the DVD had came with the cover art etc but not a problem I can download it and print it off for the case otherwise great movie and great buy

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