Palle Alene I Verden 1949



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Palle Alene I Verden 1949
Palle alene i verden (original title)
25min | Short, Family, Fantasy | 1 February 1954 (Denmark)

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I first saw this film in 1975 when I borrowed it from the public library. It’s about a little boy who wakes up to find himself alone in the world. He walks into a bank, a candy store, a toy store, drives a cable car (and crashes it into a parked cable car) and a fire engine. The climax of the story is him flying an airplane up to the moon. I won’t spoil it by giving away how it ends. (Since it is very difficult to find a copy to watch, there is still the hope one might be able to.)It is just an absolutely delightful film, a true classic in its own right. I don’t know who owns it or who has the rights to it, but I believe if they were to make this film available to the public on DVD, it would achieve cult status.

Director: Astrid Henning-Jensen
Writers: Astrid Henning-Jensen, Jens Sigsgaard (novel)
Stars: Lars Henning-Jensen, Lily Broberg
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Release Date: 1 February 1954 (Denmark)
Also Known As: Palle Alone in the World

Palle Alene I Verden 1949 11
Palle Alone in the World (1949)

25 min|Short, Family, Fantasy|01 Feb 1954

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