Passing Strangers 1974

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Passing Strangers 1974
X | 1h 16min | Drama, Adult | 26 September 2020 (Norway)
Storyline:Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.’s pioneering gay adult drama, Passing Strangers tells the story of two gay men in San Francisco who meet via a newspaper ad and fall in love. The stunning Robert Adams stars as Robert, the 18 year-old high school senior who is the object of affection for the film’s 28-year old protagonist Tom (Robert Carnagey). Tom’s curly locks and luscious good looks seem to make him irresistible to all – as he spends his time cruising Polk Street, going to the baths and the bars – but when Robert responds to his personal ad in the gay paper, Tom finds himself falling in love. It offers an earnest and deeply engaging gay love story at its core.User review:This was Bressan’s first feature film, and it was initially released at the Bleecker Street Cinema in New York City before heading to X-rated theaters San Francisco, Los Angeles, D.C. and Boston, plus smaller porno theaters across the country.In the film, 18-year-old Robert (played by Robert Adams) replies to the personal ad of 28-year-old Tom (played by Robert Carnagey). Tom’s a fan of cruising the baths, the bars and San Francisco’s Polk Street, but now finds himself falling for Robert. In the film, Tom takes the still-closeted Robert on a whirlwind tour of ’70s San Francisco — including a day spent marching in the actual Gay Freedom Day parade of 1974 — which acts as an unparalleled look at gay life on the West Coast not long after the Stonewall Uprising. It’s all a real treat for 2020 viewers.As with most of Bressan’s work, the film’s pornographic scenes are mixed with earnest stories of gay love and romance.
Director: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.
Stars: Robert Adams, Arthur J. Bressan Jr., Eddie Cadena
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 26 September 2020 (Norway)
Filming Locations: San Francisco, California, USA
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1 review for Passing Strangers 1974

  1. Frans P. (verified owner)

    A true gem, by the director of the non-porn classic Abuse. Great cinematography, first part fully black/white, the second part in full colour. For porn performers, both the young Robert Adams and the 5-years older Robert Carnagy deliver strong and enthusiastic acting. At last I have the complete version in excellent quality.

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