Piccadilly Pickups 2000

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Piccadilly Pickups 2000
1h 25min | Comedy, Adult | 7 February 2000 (UK)


A quirky, satirical seduction into the glorious world of prostitution and pornography from Piccadilly, Manchester to Piccadilly, London. Teenager Jake sets off for London with the promise of making easy money as a rent boy. But difficulties arise as he breaches another boy’s patch, is pimped by a pro and is tempted into the sleazy world of gender-bending pornography.

User review:

On the advice of his rent boy best friend Gary, Northern lad Jake exits Piccadilly, Manchester for the bright lights of Piccadilly, London in the hope of making some easy money on the game, only to end up instead making the acquaintance of seasoned hustler Dan; a pretty boy all too keen to introduce his newfound pal to lowlife American porn director Henri de la Plus Oooh Aarrgh and thereafter the world of gender-bending pornography.

And thatxe2x80x99s basically all there is to it. For with more naked bodies, sex scenes and high heels to be had than what you can shake a porn directorsxe2x80x99 megaphone at, this is and whatever way you look at it, soft-core porn expanded to feature length duration. Only here PLEASE donxe2x80x99t get me started on the lame narrative interludes and cheap comical touches to be found, lifted as they are from a host of British television classics.

Director: Amory Peart
Stars: Alexis Arquette, Christopher Green, Jake Darby
Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 7 February 2000 (UK)

Piccadilly Pickups (2000)

85 min|Comedy, Adult|07 Feb 2000
3.5Rating: 3.5 / 10 from 21 users
A teenage boy travels to London to begin work as a rent boy. But he invades another boy's patch and finds himself involved with pornography.

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