Red 2020



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Red 2020
32min | Short, Drama


In rural Pennsylvania, a teenage couplexe2x80x99s xe2x80x94 James and Lizzy xe2x80x94 relationship is interrupted by Aaron, the guy James almost hooked up with four months ago. Red explores being queer in conservative towns during hard times with empathy rather than disdain.

User review:

This story is loosely based on my life growing up in the closet in rural Western Pennsylvania. Red centers on three teenagers around 2006: James, Aaron, and Lizzy. After a party, James stumbles away after a fight with his girlfriend Lizzy. Aaron heads after him in his truck. Their conversation gets personal and then intimate. Until a cop shows up, catching them in the act, which dramatically upends their entire lives.

After James and Aaron tried to hook up, Aaron falls deep into despair, but James retreats into himself. Lizzy is stuck having to figure everything out. All caught in the middle of societyxe2x80x99s caustic slow moving progress to accept sexual identity.

This story takes place deep in rural America. For Aaron and James, much like myself, there was no such thing as coming out of a closet, this was an impossibility. Thus, the greatest of tragedies.

Director: Scott Sullivan
Writer: Scott Sullivan
Stars: Ally Ioannides, Jade Harlow, Parker Queenan
Language: English

Red 2020 2
Red (2020)

31 min|Short, Drama|27 Apr 2020
6.4Rating: 6.4 / 10 from 7 users


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