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Saint-Narcisse 2020
1h 41min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 7 October 2021 (Netherlands)
Storyline:Canada, 1972. Dominic, 22 years-old, has a fetish – for himself. Nothing turns him on more than his reflection, with much of his time spent taking Polaroid selfies. When his loving grandmother dies, he discovers a deep family secret: his lesbian mother didn’t die in childbirth and he has a twin brother, Daniel, raised in a remote monastery by a depraved priest, held captive against his will. The power of destiny bring back together the two beautiful, identical brothers, who, after being reunited with their mother Beatrice, are soon embroiled in a strange web of sex, revenge and redemption.User review:If Ingmar Bergman had gotten drunk…….he might have made a movie like this.I seriously wish I had done a couple bong hits or shots before watching this. Some of the dialogue might have been more tolerable, or the incomprehensible changes in character motivation might have made sense. It’s a pretty twisted tale to start with, but slow pacing and plodding developments don’t help. When a movie is only 1 hr 40 minutes, but feels like 3 and a half hours, it’s a warning that things are not right.I know it’s supposed to be “edgy” and “shocking”, but when it’s also so dull that the delicious male nudity barely wakes you up you realize you’re strapped in for a rough ride.
Director: Bruce La Bruce
Writers: Bruce La Bruce (screenplay), Martin Girard (screenplay)
Stars: Félix-Antoine Duval, Tania Kontoyanni, Alexandra Petrachuk
Country of origin: Canada
Languages: English, French
IMDB Profile tt7768720

Saint-Narcisse (2020)

Saint-Narcisse 2020 7



Director: Bruce La Bruce

Writers: Bruce La Bruce, Martin Girard

Stars: Félix-Antoine Duval, Tania Kontoyanni, Alexandra Petrachuk

Summary: When a young man who thought his mother was dead discovers that she may still be alive, he goes on a quest to find her. His journey takes him to a remote cabin in the woods where his mother lives in exile with a mysterious young woman.

Also known as: Saint-Narcisse (2020) on DVD

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