Secret World 1969

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Secret World 1969
La promesse (original title)
M | 1h 34min | Drama | 9 July 1969 (USA)


After a terrible car wreck in which he lay helpless under the body of his mother for hours, 11-year-old François is living with his grandparents. When his grandfather’s mistress (Jacqueline Bisset) comes to pay them a visit, she and François find a great deal in common.

User review:

Brief synopsis: Francois is a brooding boy mourning the loss of his mother who becomes fatally attached to his uncle’s English mistress.

I enjoyed this movie simply because it’s a very human tale and depicts well the heightened sensitivity of a child. And I enjoy movies which deviate from the standard plots as this one did.

This rare look at a child’s impressions & reactions stresses the impact small lies and thoughtless actions can have on a child—especially one who has suffered a loss. And also how much joy simple attentions can bring.

If you’re wanting any action or simple romance, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Fans of American movies may not care for this selection.

Directors: Paul Feyder, Robert Freeman
Writers: Gérard Brach, Jacky Glass
Stars: Jacqueline Bisset, Jean-François Vlerick, Pierre Zimmer
Country: France
Language: English
Release Date: 9 July 1969 (USA)
Also Known As: Secret World

Secret World 1969 15
Secret World (1969)

94 min|Drama|09 Jul 1969
6.0Rating: 6.0 / 10 from 130 users
Francois, an introverted teenager, goes to live with his uncle in scenic Provence after his mother dies. He becomes infatuated by the uncle's stunning girlfriend Wendy, a situation that can only end in heartbreak.

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  1. Ronald Gaskin (verified owner)

    Nice film

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