Sex & Violence S02 (2015)



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Sex & Violence S02 (2015)
Drama | TV Series (2013– )
Storyline:Follows the lives of a social worker, a victims’ advocate and four others who provide support to victims of violence.User review:This is just a mini series. That sucks bad. This show is by far the most sexiest show on TV right know,It has girl on girl sex,guy on guy sex,girl on guy sex. The violence has more of a real aspect to it then the other crap cop shows like ncis/law and order..etc.. And its Canadian Support the Canadian film making folks. I’m very upset there is not a huge season of shows..I’m hoping however they come. I am hooked..Well I suppose I did not say enough there needs to be 10 lines on here for a review. I have this recorded on my pvr,I have been waiting for tonights episode since a week now…WOW…WOW…I have never seen the real life situations shown on TV like they do this show,I got it bad for the girl cop to..I want her to take me down..
Director: Thom Fitzgerald
Writer: Thom Fitzgerald
Stars: Jeremy Akerman, Lee J. Campbell, Preston Carmichael
Release Date: 20 July 2015 (Canada)Links: iMDBDownload: Nitroflare
IMDB Profile tt2931316

Sex & Violence (2013)

Sex & Violence S02 (2015) 14


Sex & Violence



Stars: Jennie Raymond, Jackie Torrens, Pasha Ebrahimi

Summary: Follows the lives of a social worker, a victims' advocate and four others who provide support to victims of violence.

Also known as: Sex & Violence (2013) on DVD

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