Shadow of the Bear 1997



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Shadow of the Bear 1997
1h 35min | Adventure, Drama, Family | TV Movie October 1997
Storyline:Three young teens are stranded in the wilderness without their parents.User review:The basic plot of the movie is the typical “family fare” stuff (overworked dad, marriage in trouble, external threat imposed on family, danger to kids ultimately bringing family together, etc., etc.) However, in between the paint-by-numbers plot, there’s more on offer, purely because of the actress playing the wife (a luminous talent named Danette MacKay, who has a small part in Spielberg’s “The Terminal” as well). When the movie wanders off the well-beaten path into her far less predictable work, the film momentarily takes on the ambiguous aura of an Altman/art house film from the seventies: MacKay brings a bitter, sexy edge to her scenes with her husband (played by Alan Thicke), a quality that not only momentarily lifts the film out of the standard “kid’s movie” plot line, but adds a compelling–and often ambivalent–Jean Genet-ish subtext to her character in the film (the bear storyline itself, however, totally sucks).
Director: Mark Soulard
Writer: Mark Cole
Stars: David Deveau, Robert Higden, Chantal Kemp
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English
Release Date: October 1997 (Italy)
Also Known As: A Sombra de um Urso
Filming Locations: Quebec, Canada
IMDB Profile tt0207090

Shadow of the Bear (1997)

Shadow of the Bear 1997 7


Shadow of the Bear

Director: Mark Soulard

Writers: Mark Cole

Stars: Alan Thicke, Michael Yarmush, Chantal Kemp

Summary: Three young teens are stranded in the wilderness without their parents.

Also known as: Shadow of the Bear (1997) on DVD

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