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Som en Zorro 2012
29m | Short, Drama | 20 June 2012 (Sweden)
Storyline:Zorro‘s mother is a drinker. Kevin is abused by a teacher, his father beats his mother. The two boys are only happy when they are in each other‘s company: They spend the day together and in the evening they go to a party down by the harbour. The next day they are in for a bad awakening. A film about family love and domestic violence.User review:A powerful film about family, friendship, childhood. About love and appearances. And about vulnerabilities. More than a good film, a great one. For the impeccable made. For the fine crafting. For lovely use of symbols, from the white of the room to the joy of Kevin in water. For the bicycle ways. for the last scene. An eulogy to the power of childhood. Surely, a real wise.
Director: Linda-Maria Birbeck
Stars: Amanda Davin, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Annika Hallin
Country of origin: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Filming locations: Malmö, Skåne län, Sweden
IMDB Profile tt2355859

Som en Zorro (2012)

Som en Zorro 2012 7


Som en Zorro

Director: Linda-Maria Birbeck


Stars: Amanda Davin, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Annika Hallin

Summary: The story is that of Zorro and his best friend Kevin. Zorro, his mother Meta and his older sister Zavanna lives in a messy, run down apartment. Zorro's father is dead and his mother is an alcoholic but despite their situation they share a strong bond. Kevin and his family live in one of the more expensive family homes in the area. Although they are financially well of... Read all

Also known as: Som en Zorro (2012) on DVD

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