Sons of Satan 1973

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Sons of Satan 1973
1h 7min | Adult, Horror | 1973 (USA)


A man searching for his brother finds that he has joined a cult of devil-worshiping gay vampires.

User review:

Hello sailors! Now here’s a hairy hardcore homosexual horror made by the guy who directed Hell Night (1981) that may have escaped your attention. Yep, Sons of Satan offers chills, thrills and…well, gay sex as it tells the not very exciting story of Johnathan Trent, who goes in search of his missing brother Clark and, following a hunch, finds himself tapping at the door of an old house owned by the mysterious Mr. Natas. After a brief exchange of words with Natas’ servants Carl and Taylor, Johnathan leaves but he can’t quite shake the feeling that something queer is going on. And he’s right damn it, as back in the house things are getting even queerer as Carl and Taylor prepare for the “hour of exchange” with their latest disciple Clark, who furiously whacks off into a silver chalice as Carl tickles the mans tonsils with his bulbous bell end. This done, the contents of the chalice is then sloppily poured into the mouth of Mr. Natas, an undead homosexual bloodsucker who lies on the bed nearby (naked, save for his natty vampire cape). Following this exchange of “life force to life force,” Natas promptly rises from his slumber, reveals a pair of plastic vampire fangs and bites Clark on the arm (amusingly, the guy playing Natas can barely keep the false teeth in his mouth). Carl and Taylor immediately suck their master’s cock, before this Camp Dracula sticks his prick down the comatose Clark’s throat and then plugs him in the sh!tter. Meanwhile, plucky Johnathan has crept back inside the house and is shocked to find his brother all shagged out in one of the bedrooms, but he too is captured by the vampire cult and bunged into a room in preparation for his initiation. This means being bound and gagged to a bed as brother Clark – also sporting plastic fangs – makes him guzzle down some cum from that chalice, before using his cock on Johnathan as a gob stopper and biting him on the neck, all of which is just a preliminary for an “exchange of life forces” with Natas, who enters the room and f**ks his ass. The final scene sees a delivery boy arrive at the house, and the front door is answered by…you guessed it, the vampire’s latest disciple: Brother Johnathan! Gasp!

Director: Tom DeSimone (as Lancer Brooks)
Stars: Ned Burke, Carl Ford, Bill North
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1973 (USA)
Also Known As: The Sons of Satan

Sons of Satan 1973 11
Sons of Satan (1973)

N/A|Adult, Horror|N/A

4.0Rating: 4.0 / 10 from 14 users
A man searching for his brother finds that he has joined a cult of devil-worshiping gay vampires.

6 reviews for Sons of Satan 1973

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  2. Rick S. (verified owner)

    Just me. Did not like the story line.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Joe T. (verified owner)

  5. Nick (verified owner)

  6. Frans P. (verified owner)

    Good vintage gay movie by director Tom DeSimone/Lancer Brooks. After his campy gay western “Dust unto Dust” and the Warhol-like arty, psychedelic-“Confessions of a male groupie”, comes this dark tale of guys who fall prey to a Satanic cult. Good story, raw sex and strong performances of Shannon Paul and Darryl Hughes (Damon Rossi in Dust unto Dust). I like this movie a lot and finally I possess a copy of the original version.

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