Summer, the First Time (2006)



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Summer, the First Time (2006)
1h 25min | Adult, Romance | Video 2006
Storyline:Ryan goes on holiday with his girlfriend, Issy, in an attempt to resolve their failing relationship. But when Ryan encounters beach-boy Pavel, he becomes transfixed by Pavel’s remarkable beauty. Pavel is having problems with his rampantly promiscuous boyfriend, Pasha. His infidelities push Pavel into the arms of a stranger, and to ultimately become the willing object of Ryan’s obsession. What follows is a beautiful love story packed with stunning young men and eroticism beyond belief. It’s a summer of love.User review:I was a college kid when this gay erotica “movie” came out, and I had not yet come out of my closet. In fact, I still couldn’t bring myself to accept the fact that I was gay at the time. I had seen a few hard core (rated XXX) gay porn videos and I was, at the time, sort of put off by them. They were so violent and pushy was what I called them at the time that I just couldn’t bring myself to identify with them. I told myself that I wasn’t like that, that I couldn’t be gay like that, that I don’t like rough sex, etc. Still don’t care for rough sex. But this “movie” if you can call it that, yes I know it is not much of a movie by traditional standards, but anyways, this “movie” showed me a very tender, loving, and yes, very very erotic view of gay sex. At the time, this rather soft core erotica got me fired up sexually far more than hardcore porn. This fueled my imagination and my dreams far more than hardcore porn. And in turn, this “movie” pushed me over the edge into acceptance of my homosexuality, and eventually I started to fully accept it and embrace it, and fortunately, I found someone who was gentle and tender and loving with me. If only he had looked like Sean Benedict on here. God, that guy was the star of so many of my wet dreams back then. Seeing this again just recently, I’m sure I’ll be thinking of Sean again tonight. That face of his, that smile full of teeth, that rugged jawline, OMG! I would be helpless to resist someone like him. Pity. It appears this is all he was ever in. By now, as they say, the bloom would be off the rose for him, as it is for me, too, at this point. Ah, youth, what wonderful time it was, and we always seem to take it for granted until it is gone. But anyways, I wish there were more of these softcore erotica films. I prefer them over hardcore porn any day. The biggest part of sex (at least for me) is the mental part. The erotic thoughts, the foreplay. The actual mechanical part of it is, while essential, just sort of going through the motions without the erotic thoughts behind it.
Director: Xavier
Stars: Matthew Anders, Sean Benedict, Sebastian Bonnet
Country: Czech Republic
Language: Czech | English
Release Date: 2006 (Czech Republic)
IMDB Profile tt0249173


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