Tapin du soir 1996



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Tapin du soir 1996
5min | Drama, Comedy | Episode aired 8 November 1996

User review:

I like this short a lot, because it uses its time very effectively. We learn exactly what we need to know about the two characters, in order to make the ending work. Even so, I would like to see this short expanded into something larger. I think something around 40 minutes would be just right. I think there’s an interesting story to be told about what happens next between these two characters and particularly the main character. I think there’s also a lot that could be said about what led the main character to this position. Somehow, having seen the short, I think this would be best as flashbacks, rather than chronological. But judging from the original release date, I think my comments are probably a decade too late to matter. So I’ll at least enjoy the short that we have here.

Director: Anne Fontaine
Writer: Olivier Rouvière (original scenario)
Stars: Franck Demules, François Chatriot, Abdel
Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 8 November 1996 (France)

Tapin du soir 1996 8
Tapin du soir (1996)

5 min|Drama, Comedy|08 Nov 1996

6.6Rating: 6.6 / 10 from 33 users


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