The Annunciation 1984 with English Subtitles

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The Annunciation 1984
Angyali üdvözlet (original title)
1h 40min | Drama | 27 April 1990 (Denmark)


Angyali üdvözlet, aka “The Annunciation”, is a surreal account of the history of humanity as portrayed entirely by children between the ages of 8 and 12. The film begins with the biblical story as Adam (Péter Bocsor) and Eve (Júlia Mérö), are deceived by Lucifer (Eszter Gyalog) — three very photogenic leads — into tasting the “Forbidden Fruit”. They are thus chased out of the Garden of Eden by the Angel of Death and, in a vision, sent on an existential journey through western European history.

Always followed closely and influenced by the deceptively sweet, but contemptuous Lucifer, we follow Adam through The Plague, wars, Byzantium’s wretched cripples, the French Revolution, the squalor of Dickensian London, and a final return to the scene of the crucifixion. Of course the picture makes a case for its premise — that of the consequences of Original Sin — yet does so in a very unique way. In the closing scene, Lucifer says, “Why did I strive to achieve greatness in man, who is…in knowlege a pygmy, in blindness a giant?” This reflects the somewhat nihilistic view of a nation still under the boot of Soviet communism.

This rare movie may be one of the best (and only child-starred) art films ever.

User review:

The Annunciation is a film which you should watch when you have nothing better to do on an otherwise humdrum day. From the first to last this movie is a kaleidoscope of images, created to mesmerize the mind. Director Andras Jeles uses child actors to weave a visual tapestry of Godly virtues and human weakness intertwine with historical events. Somewhere between the Creation of Man and his Redemption, the viewer is set adrift in a sea of spectral images, who’ purpose is known only to the director or to Pablo Picasso. Despite some provocative moments such as baring all with a nude Adam and Eve, the collage of words and historical settings the film overwhelm the viewer and destroys what little message the director intended to impart. From a Western point of view this film is far too complicated to be easily absorbed and thus fails to be recognized as anything but an art form gone mad.

Director: András Jeles
Writers: András Jeles, Imre Madách (play)
Stars: Péter Bocsor, Júlia Mérö, Eszter Gyalog
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian
Release Date: 27 April 1990 (Denmark)
Also Known As: The Annunciation

The Annunciation 1984 with English Subtitles 15
Angyali üdvözlet (1984)

100 min|Drama|20 Sep 1984

7.1Rating: 7.1 / 10 from 371 users
When Adam and Eve having succumbed to Lucifer's temptation, are cast out of the Garden of Eden, Adam holds Lucifer to his promise, reminding him that "You said I would know everything!". So…

27 reviews for The Annunciation 1984 with English Subtitles

  1. John T. (verified owner)

    Below excellent quality, but perfectly acceptable.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great dvd bit blurry in places

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  4. Richard (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Jonathan W. (verified owner)

    Not seen it yet

  7. Andrew S. (verified owner)

    Poor video quality

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Interessanter Film

  10. David (verified owner)

    Very cute trippy movie Loved the Adam and Eve scenes

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good.

  12. Brian Manuel (verified owner)

    Not exactly true to the Bible but well done.

  13. John Rich (verified owner)

  14. Scott cordell (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I must say that I was intrigued with the concept of a bible movie with an all child cast. But it ran more like a play than a movie and not even a good one. I was very disappointed with “The Annunciation.”

  16. Russell G. (verified owner)

    Good quality video

  17. allan (verified owner)

    no problem with downloading. good quality playback. good value

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Misleading. The expected nudity of young people is very limited. Still a good story.

  19. Bob B. (verified owner)

  20. Michael (verified owner)

    An interesting film

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Poor quality resolution

  24. Donald S. (verified owner)

  25. Jeffrey Johnson (verified owner)

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. furuki risa (verified owner)

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