The Boys of Beslan 2005



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The Boys of Beslan 2005
47m | Documentary | 2005
Storyline:May 25, 2005, the last day of school in Beslan, Russia, celebrated with the Ceremony of the Last Bell. A graduating senior carries a new student who rings a bell for the last time. The school year started on September 1st and was to be no different than any other. Tragically, within 48 hours, those youthful delights would be dashed by death and destruction. Chechen rebels had targeted School #1 in another misguided attempt at bringing attention to their country’s plight. They had crafted an intricate plot to take hostage over twelve hundred students, parents and staff in achieve their goals. The plan failed. A huge bomb was detonated by accident and 344 hostages were killed, 172 of them were children. But THE BOYS OF BESLAN is not so much about the slaughter of innocents, but the spirit and resiliency of youth, embodied in the shining faces of young survivors Kazik and Asik. For even as they speak so sadly of the horror they witnessed that dark day in September, there is still the twinkle of hope in their eyes. These brave boys are not dwelling in the past but look firmly toward the future, one that will include, at last … peace on earth.User review:Here is a DVD about two Russian Twin Boys, Kazik and Asik Aliev who survived one of the worst tragedies known around the world in 2005. In Breslan, Russia, within 48 hours of the 1st day of school in September, 2005, Chechen rebels took the students and others hostage. The Chechens claimed the bomb detonated by mistake leaving 344 hostages killed – among the dead were 172 children. In this DVD, The Boys of Breslan, no commentary is necessary because from the point of view of Kazik and Asik, who are in 7th Grade the producer with brilliance portrayed the spirit and resilience of their youth to go forward in life. One of the best episodes in the film is both boys return to School #1 for the first time after the massacre and show their reactions. When one of the boys was requested to tell how he felt past, present, or future, he said “I can’t …” as tears appeared in his eyes – the most deeply moving part! Although they spoke with deep sadness about that dark day in September, in other parts of the film there is the sparkle of hope in their eyes. Any viewer would marvel at the bravery of both boys, especially as they spoke of hope and peace on earth for Russia and the world. This is a five-star rating because “The Boys of Breslan” must be an immortal classic like those that
remind us of the Jewish Holocaust – both must never be forgotten!MPAA rating: Unrated (Not Rated)
Run time: 47 minutes
Subtitles: English


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