The Language of Love 2013



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The Language of Love 2013
10min | Short, Drama, Romance | 12 October 2013 (UK)


“The aim was to pick up chicks by sounding like a Frenchman. Hasn’t really worked out yet.” Charlie’s a mess. His best friend’s not talking to him, he can’t concentrate on his work…and now the clock’s ticking on his french exam. But the courage to speak can come from the most unlikely places.

User review:

a French classroom test. and a touching speech. about the first love. about the essence and structure and experiences and expectations of it. it is easy to say than Laura Scrivano does a great job, than Kim Ho is amazing, convincing and impeccable, than the camera reflects entire map of state . but, after its end, you knows – it is not enough. because the film propose another perspective about deep and well known experience. this change everything. so, a film about love. simple, convincing, touching. maybe, an experience.

Director: Laura Scrivano
Writer: Kim Ho
Star: Kim Ho
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 12 October 2013 (UK)

The Language of Love (2013)

10 min|Short, Drama|12 Oct 2013
7.3Rating: 7.3 / 10 from 74 users
"The aim was to pick up chicks by sounding like a Frenchman. Hasn't really worked out yet." Charlie's a mess. His best friend's not talking to him, he can't concentrate on his work…and …


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