The Smell of Us 2014 with English Subtitles

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The Smell of Us 2014
1h 32min | Drama | 10 September 2015 (Hungary)


A group of skateboarders in Paris are at the heart of a loose coalition of young people who do drugs and have sex. Several of them are rent boys, including the Dorian Gray/Narcissus of the group Math (Lukas Ionesco) and his friend JP (Hugo Behar-Thinieres) who is in love with him, but is continually rejected because Math reckons he’s only gay for pay. There’s a girl who sometimes comes over and is jealous of JP’s closeness to Math, and so she snitches on JP to his parents, and there’s an indigent old man nicknamed Rockstar (Larry Clark) whom the group tolerate as a kind of mascot/despised pet. And there’s Michael Pitt (who featured in Clark’s “Bully”) with a guitar in a couple of scenes looking slightly uncomfortable at being so clearly surplus to requirements.

User review:

I watched all Larry Clark ‘s movies. My favorite is Another Day in Paradise. So not much surprise when I saw this one. It was as expected. If you don’t already like or know Larry’s work you’d better not watch it. But note that there is not really an end : the reason is the main star Lukas Ionesco left before the end. He said in an interview that L. Clark used him and basically freaked out, fired before the end many of the kids and acted very “strangely”. To the point that the mother of Lukas called Larry a pedophile in an interview. When asked about his thoughts about that Lukas admits that’s too much though if he meet L. Clark again all he would have to say to him would be : F**** You… Concerning some reviews about “what a waste of money”, just know that the film was funded at almost 100% by french tax payers therefore there is no need for commercial exploitation for that movie.

Director: Larry Clark
Writers: Mathieu Landais (screenplay) (as Scribe), Larry Clark (screenplay)
Stars: Lukas Ionesco, Diane Rouxel, Théo Cholbi
Country: France
Language: French | English | Japanese
Release Date: 10 September 2015 (Hungary)
Filming Locations: Paris, France

The Smell of Us 2014 with English Subtitles 12
The Smell of Us (2014)

92 min|Drama|14 Jan 2015

5.0Rating: 5.0 / 10 from 1,165 users
A story centered around a group of self-destructive skateboarders in Paris.

6 reviews for The Smell of Us 2014 with English Subtitles

  1. James M. (verified owner)

    Over eight weeks since the order was placed, and still have not received it.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Kelly (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Lee (verified owner)

    Very happy to have the film with English subtitles. Not happy that absolutely no packaging was created for it whatsoever: no cover art, no disc art, just a generic disc in a blank, generic case. I’ve bought much better-packaged bootlegs. Also not very pleased with the TV channel watermark and advertisement on top right of the movie during play, but it would be more forgivable if the packaging had been given some effort.

  6. Phillip Green (verified owner)

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