The Violation 2013



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The Violation 2013
10min | Short, Drama | 6 April 2013 (USA)


MICKEY DOUGHERTY, 15, has a crush on OSCAR HEIM, 17, the son of the wealthy family next door. Oscar has a crush on Mickey’s sister, TINA, 16. Fearing a burglary, Oscar’s mother LINDA (Beth Grant — Donnie Darko, Little Miss Sunshine) asks the Dougherty family to house-sit while they’re at their daughter’s wedding. Linda makes it clear that she doesn’t want the Doughertys venturing beyond the family room, but once she’s gone, Mickey invades Oscar’s bedroom. Mickey builds a totem of Oscar out of Oscar’s pants and shirts, seating the totem on the toilet and then touching it erotically. Distracted by his mother’s drunken fall downstairs, Mickey hasn’t dismantled the totem when the Heims return home early.

User review:

Built around a classic teen love triangle, this is another short that deals with house violation and power play albeit the context is different on both counts from the previous films. Mickey lusts after neighbour Oscar who instead is after Mickey’s sister Tina. The film opens with Mickey spying on Oscar with his telescope, catching the object of his affection “playing” with one of Tina’s bikinis he has stolen. When one night Oscar’s family asks Mickey to house-sit their villa, the boy has the perfect opportunity to give Oscar a taste of his own medicine, having uncensored and legal access to Oscar’s bedroom. There’s a feeling of a story that could be expanded into a feature yet works like a finite piece of storytelling. The protagonist is the highlight in the acting department for conveying Mickey’s hidden desires vividly and in relatable fashion for all of us who, as teenagers, drooled after impossible love.

Director: Christopher Bradley
Writer: Christopher Bradley
Stars: Beth Grant, Elaine Hendrix, Slade Pearce
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 6 April 2013 (USA)

The Violation 2013 11
The Violation (2013)

10 min|Short, Drama|06 Apr 2013

7.6Rating: 7.6 / 10 from 5 users
MICKEY DOUGHERTY, 15, has a crush on OSCAR HEIM, 17, the son of the wealthy family next door. Oscar has a crush on Mickey's sister, TINA, 16. Fearing a burglary, Oscar's mother LINDA (Beth …


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