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The Wayward Cloud 2005
Tian bian yi duo yun (original title)
1h 54min | Comedy, Drama, Musical | 16 February 2005 (Germany)


Metaphor, allegory. There’s a drought in Taiwan. Watermelon are abundant and become juice, food, something to share with a guest, and an aphrodisiac. In a large building of flats, Hsiao-Kang and Shiang-chyi’s paths cross; she knew him when he sold watches, now he acts in pornographic films. She scavenges for plastic water bottles. He bathes in the building’s cistern. Fantasy song and dance numbers punctuate the characters’ nearly aimless pursuits: she has lost her keys and he helps her find them; he naps in a park, she watches; he smokes on the floor beneath her kitchen table while she sits. His film-making continues. Can they connect?

User review:

Watching Tian bian yi duo yun ( The Wayward Cloud ) is a really weird experience. I didn’t whether to laugh or cry, to celebrate the brilliance of the film, to recoil in shock from the grittiness or to wince at the absurd campiness.

Its amazing how Tsai Ming-Liang manages to get the cast to emote so much through so little dialogue, how he builds an electrifying atmosphere through minimal use of music (except for the campy nostalgic music videos … really something else altogether, a see to believe phenomenon).

The brutal scenes of porn filming and the drought were really alluding to the director’s favorite theme of alienation, which really works very well. The final scene which seems to disgust so many people into walking out is a really fitting conclusion to this treatise on estrangement and is certainly unforgettable.

Director: Ming-liang Tsai
Writer: Ming-liang Tsai
Stars: Kang-sheng Lee, Shiang-chyi Chen, Yi-Ching Lu
Country: France | Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 16 February 2005 (Germany)
Also Known As: Huncut felhőcske
Filming Locations: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Wayward Cloud 2005 with English Subtitles 10
The Wayward Cloud (2005)

112 min|Comedy, Drama, Musical|18 Mar 2005

6.6Rating: 6.6 / 10 from 4,373 users
Hsiao-Kang, now working as a pornographic actor, meets Shiang-chyi once again. Meanwhile, the city of Taipei faces a water shortage that makes the sales of watermelons skyrocket.


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