Twinklight 2010

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Twinklight 2010
1h 41min | Adult | Video 30 June 2010


“Twinklight is a dramatic and graphic expose on the secrets, horrors and sexual fantasies of vampires. Watch as these young and deadly monsters take whatever pleasures they desire, reveling in a world of unrestrained gratification and hardcore twink fucking.

In this feature film Billa is an innocent twink searching for a new beginning. What he finds is the dark and dangerous world of vampires; an erotic and cryptic society filled with fucking and blood sucking. Billa spirals deeper into the underworld as he falls for the forbidden but irresistible Edmund, a strong and powerful vampire. It is a hot and exhilarating journey that will leave you emotionally moved and wildly aroused.

User review:

Calling Twinklight the best gay vampire adult film is not an exaggeration. Since first seeing Twinklight, my recommendation has been that every gay vampire fan should see the film, even if you are not a fan of twinks. Having seen every gay vampire adult film, it’s quite easy to see what has come before and to fairly compare them to Twinklight. Twinklight not only compares well to other gay vampire porn films, but up against many regular vampire films both in terms of a solid storyline and plausible acting.

In fact Twinklight succeeds well in the three aspects that I look for: the vampires, the sex and the story.

The Twinklight vampires are beautiful, their fangs and eyes very well done, and their ability to act both sexy and with the authority of a vampire is outstanding. Biting scenes are not done after the fact outside the act of sex. Twinklight vampires not only appear with fangs throughout the film but during the hot sex scenes. The biting and feeding is very much part of the sexual release. Twinklight is about the vampires, and the whole film is done so well it makes other gay vampire adult films seem gimmicky.

A review of Twinklight needs to have focus, much like the attention of the reviewer. Watching a porn film to analysis the plot, character development and performances is like reading PlayGirl for the articles, and there’s the question of managing to view the entire film in one sitting, without getting distracted, or horny. Watching many of the scenes several times, going back over certain parts of the story, the aim was to understand the plot. Reviewing Twinklight as a porn film would be easy, and the subject for an expert in gay porn, however this review is specifically about the vampires in Twinklight.

But let’s talk about the sex first. Twinklight contains nine sex scenes, only one of which does not involve a vampire. There is plenty of dick sucking, rimming, and fucking to satisfy the viewer, with some great pairings and performances. Yet since this is a vampire film, it’s not about plain sex. Nearly every sex scene involves a vampire, one is a quick hookup—the vampire having fun before feeding. Another sees a straight boy tortured and seduced by the vampire. But most are passionate.

Aside from the majority of screen time being devoted to sex, it is easy for me to forget that Twinklight is a porn. There is a plot, it’s not perfect, but it is one of the ingredients that makes Twinklight so good. And the actors in some independent vampire films don’t give the level of acting quality that twinklight achieves. Sometimes the audio is not perfect, often at low volume during conversations. The lighting is dark and feature level, focusing on the main action, whether a passionate scene, feeding or simple conversation.

Director: Afton Nills
Writers: Daniel Todd, Afton Nills
Stars: Krys Perez, Skyelr Bleu, Jt Wreck

Twinklight 2010 9
Twinklight (2010)

101 min|Adult|30 Jun 2010

6.2Rating: 6.2 / 10 from 12 users

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    Excellent quality film, with interesting story line.

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