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Zalamero 2020
40 min | Romance | 10/22/2020 (ES)
Storyline:Zalamero is, above all, a summer film, Martin’s summer. Martín wants it all; he loves all the girls, all the boys, all the hours of sunshine, every night, all the colored shirts, he wants to be the protagonist of every summer. Why decide only one thing? Ay smoothie … you want it all.User review:Never before has the subtitle of a movie been so well placed as it is in this case ‘A Summer Movie’.
because this movie is genuinely a 40 minute summer.
there is no room for pain, you don’t have to choose anything, because choosing is sad, and in the summer there is no room for sadness.
you can embrace scandal and be swept away by it without worrying about how confused it will leave you.
in summer you don’t need to know the rhythm of anything as long as you are drunk enough with love or the sun.
in summer all the songs talk about me.
in summer they never catch you.
nothing hurts.
And if it hurts, or if you get caught, what difference does it make?
the picador’s horse never decides or cares, and neither do we.
in addition, there is always the sea …Teresa and Diego are the best, an honor that this is my movie 2000 <3Direction: Diego Lillo, Teresa Carril
Stars: Javier Mendo Malena Casado Isabel Gigorro Jon Muñoz
IMDB Profile tt14471436

Zalamero (2020)

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Director: Teresa Carril, Diego Lillo

Writers: Teresa Carril

Stars: Malena Casado, Isabel Gigorro, Javier Mendo

Summary: Zalamero is, among other things, a summer movie about Martin's summer. Martin wants it all; all the girls, all the boys, all the sun hours, all the nights, all colors T-shirts. He wants to be the main character of all summers.

Also known as: Zalamero (2020) on DVD

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