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Above Dark Waters 2013
Tumman veden päällä (original title)
1h 48min | Drama | 6 September 2013 (Finland)


A ravishing story about little Pete and his survival and growth in the gray area between love and fear.

User review:

This is my first Finnish movie. I had no expectations no high hopes. It was my first cultural introduction to Finland.

After watching it at friend’s place my first reaction was ‘Not Bad!’.

The genre says this is drama movie and all about little Pete. There is a very thin storyline here which takes us along with Pete’s perceptions of growing up and interactions of adults around him. Its common story, if you are born and brought up in the US you may have already been in the shoes of little Pete. His world comprises of his mom, his step father, his somehow unknown biological father, little sister, grand parents and some neighbors. And above all, its Finland’s ruthless beauty.

The actors are good and believable except for some brief moments. The kid playing the role of Pete is talented. He is aloof, distracted from his surroundings, he is inside some invisible shell of his own. He can sense the frustration among the adult relationships and reflect the same in some of his deeds. Its natural and down to naked reality.

In this kind of movie you can’t expect any definite ending. Its all about the journey and never the destination. Still it kept room for hope, love and striving for a better tomorrow in a subtle way.

Watch it without any expectation and you won’t be disappointed, may be even start loving the very real characters among us. That’s where the movie succeeds.

Director: Peter Franzén
Writer: Peter Franzén (screenplay)
Stars: Olavi Angervo, Matleena Kuusniemi, Milja Tuunainen
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Release Date: 6 September 2013 (Finland)
Filming Locations: Kemi, Finland

Above Dark Waters 2013 with English Subtitles 13
Above Dark Waters (2013)

108 min|Drama|06 Sep 2013

6.6Rating: 6.6 / 10 from 461 users
A ravishing story about little Pete and his survival and growth in the gray area between love and fear.


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