Adventures Of Tracy Dick 1985

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Adventures Of Tracy Dick 1985
1h 21min | Adult, Comedy | Video

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Stacey Donovan in interviews claimed she never liked performing in porn, only kept going to make lots of money, and that she was a virgin before her first film. The third part of this statement is often used by models to keep their porn career a secret from boyfriends and relatives. Watching one of her films made me doubt that part 3 was true. Stacey has the best scene in the movie with Traci Lords {Tracey Dick) and Tom Byron where the two detectives coach her on ways to cure her husband, Hannibal, from impotency. The second best is between Peter North and Traci, stretched out too long with a strange hiccuping noise she made. She grew so excited I was afraid she might hurt herself. This picture is kind of like a home video of a swinger’s party with movie star guests, thinly plotted around a way to cure Hannibal long enough to read his will which might be written on his male organ.

Directors: Bianchini Floriani (as B. Floriani), Jerome Tanner
Writer: Alain Rimbaud
Stars: Traci Lords, Tom Byron, Josephine Carrington

Adventures Of Tracy Dick 1985 9
The Adventures of Tracy Dick: The Case of the Missing Stiff (1985)

81 min|Adult, Comedy|N/A

6.1Rating: 6.1 / 10 from 69 users

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    Too bad it was not a real DVD format (4,2GB), only a AVI 0,7GB file so quality is not so good.

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