Bin ich Moses? 1975

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Bin ich Moses? 1975
2h 27min | Drama, Family | TV Mini-Series (1975xe2x80x93 )


13-year-old Frank Mosmann, called “Moses”, often simply dreams into the day. He tries to distract himself from everyday problems because his parents are on the verge of separation. But life is not a dream country and reality catches up with him faster than he thinks. An unfulfilled love for the neighbor girl Dinah almost throws him off the rails. But after school he catches up and starts an apprenticeship as a construction worker. There he meets Dinah again …

Director: Martin Eckermann
Writers: Martin Eckermann, Uwe Rxc3xb6mhild (dramatisation)
Stars: Thomas Neumann, Mathis Schrader, Marianne Wxc3xbcnscher
Country: East Germany
Language: German
Release Date: 23 December 1975 (East Germany)

Bin ich Moses? (1975)

147 min|Drama, Family|23 Dec 1975

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